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SAM 6.6 feature: Application Dependencies

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Updated May 31, 2018

The Application Dependencies feature introduced in SAM 6.6 provides a holistic view of application and server connections, expanding monitoring by detecting how applications and nodes interact with each other. You can use data gathered during Application Dependencies polling to:

  • Understand which applications, application processes, and nodes connect with each another.
  • Ensure that the most important data for specific applications is monitored.
  • Identify unmonitored applications and processes that require attention.
  • Leverage latency and packet loss metrics to determine if an issue is caused by an application or the network.

In SAM 6.6, the Application Dependencies feature monitoring incoming connections only. SAM 6.6.1 adds the ability to monitoring both incoming and outgoing connections.

This contextual visibility of relationships between applications and physical/virtual servers also reduces troubleshooting time. For example, instead of searching through many applications, nodes, and component monitors to determine why an application is slow, you can navigate to the Incoming Connections resource and analyze application dependencies to pinpoint the source of the issue.

Check out this short video (1:21) on how to Discover, Monitor, and Troubleshoot Application Dependencies with SAM.

The Incoming Connections resource on the Application Details and Node Details pages displays data gathered about application dependencies, as shown in this example: 



Through polling, SAM can discover and monitor connections the following types of connections:

  • Application to application, in a typical client/server process monitored by SAM
  • Application to node, with a server process not currently monitored by SAM
  • Node to application, with a client application process not monitored by SAM 


To provide a more granular picture of application dependencies, the Connection Details page shows processes and ports for connections, plus node, application, and process status. You can also enable polling to display latency and packet loss statistics. The Connection Details page (shown below) shows the entire communication stack from one node to another, which makes it a unique troubleshooting tool.



To learn more about the Application Dependencies feature, refer to the  SAM 6.6 Administrator Guide.




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