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SAM Release Notes 5.0.1

Open Issues in this Release

This release of SolarWinds SAM includes the following open issues:


  • Oracle probe not working with Oracle 11g via IPv6 due to the limitations of the ADO.Net driver. (Use ODP.NET to correct this issue.)
  • The EntryID field value is duplicated in the Windows Event Log Monitor configuration section. However, if the value is written to the second field, that value is deleted but will work correctly for the first EntryID field.
  • The TACACS+ User Experience Monitor goes into a state of Unknown rather than Down when the TACACS+ server is unable to respond.
  • VMware Hardware Health polling through the VCenter does not work on additional pollers. Until this is corrected, there are currently two workarounds: 1) Poll the VMware server directly instead of through the vCenter. 2) Move the vCenter to the primary SAM server instead of any additional pollers.

Fixed Issues in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and updates:

  • RTPE polling via SNMP fails when hrSWRunPerfCPU overflows to a negative value.
  • Test jobs set to run in 64-bit mode were not running in 64-bit mode.
  • Starting the Orion Module Engine services in the wrong order caused issues.
  • Nagios: Broken test result of component.
  • Improper components are displayed in the Test Results table when assigning components to node.
  • Manually Assign Application monitors: "Where do you want to apply" page getting stuck with over 1,000 nodes in several groups.
  • DHCPMessage - IsIPAddress check method is incorrect in the case of DHCPv6.
  • RTPE: Backslash in credential name gets lost.
  • Hardware monitoring: Error when saving data to database.
  • Hardware: ESX servers are not polling Hardware data on Additional Pollers.
  • SNMP Process Monitor does not handle trailing whitespaces.
  • Overflow in delete component data procedure.
  • Hardware monitoring: Discovery can enable WMI poller on SNMP node after upgrade.
  • Error in SNMP Process monitor: Process not found.
  • Log Parser (Powershell) does not work in SAM 5.0.
  • Some old APM logs are not deleted automatically.
  • Hardware Details Variables in Email Alerts are Always The Same.
  • RTPE does not work for users with account limitation related to node entity.
  • APM-OrionReportWriter.schema fixed to handle Node dependencies.
  • RTPE issue with account limitations.
  • Linux Scripts temporary files are always deleted from target server.
  • SAM not seeing all disks.
  • Improve performance of processing SNMP process probe results.
  • DHCP User Experience Monitor over IPv6 fails when acting as dhcp relay agent.
  • IBM Disk Drive collecting from wrong WMI class.
  • IBM servers missing model number for WMI nodes.
  • Thwack: Cannot export template, exporting never ends.
  • Windows Service Monitor (WMI): Improve performance by grouping all monitors during application polling job.
  • Hardware: HPSNMP poller is not polling all the sensors for Powersupply.
  • WMI: Cannot connect to certain computers via IP address.
  • Windows Service monitor: Cannot find Services on Windows 2003.
  • Hardware monitoring: Power Meter sensors are under Other category.
  • Realtime Process Monitor is not able to monitor certain linux devices.
  • User account for the realtime monitor properly displays a passed “\”.
  • Added the following Service Release Application Templates:
    • Microsoft Lync Server (Front-End Role)
    • Microsoft Lync Server (Edge Role)
    • Microsoft Lync Server (Mediation Role)
    • Active Directory 2008 R2 Services and Counters
    • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
    • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Database
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Failover Cluster
    • Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
    • Solaris LPD
    • AIX LPD
    • Windows Network Load Balancing
    • Windows 2003-2008 FTP Service
    • Windows 2008 R2 FTP Service
    • Windows Remote Desktop Services (Session Host Role)
    • Postfix
    • Apache Tomcat (Note: UPDATED)
    • Helix Universal Media Server (Windows)
    • Helix Universal Media Server (Linux/Unix


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