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SAM 6.2 Release Notes



Updated March 30, 2015

Beginning with version 5.0, Orion Application Performance Monitor, (APM), has been renamed to SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor, (SAM). These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) version 6.2.

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) version 6.2.

Installing this Version

As with all modifications to your production environment, we recommend that you complete the following tasks before implementing any changes:

If you need a temporary license to install an instance of the software in a lab, please download an evaluation copy of the latest software from our website. Evaluation copies come with a fully functional 30-day license.

SAM Administrator's Guide


  • Additional Orion Web Servers must be able to communicate with the primary SAM server on TCP port 17777. If you are within a secured network and have separated the polling engine component from the Web Console or are using additional pollers, make sure the polling engine is reachable on port 17777.
  • Whenever you upgrade SAM, ensure you first back up your database.
  • Ensure your Orion products are compatible with each other by referring to the Orion Compatibility Matrix, found here: Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion products for installation and upgrade and End of Life Support



Upgrading and Configuring

If you have both NPM and APM installed, upgrade NPM on all SolarWinds servers first, and then on the additional pollers. Once that is complete, you can successfully upgrade to this release of SAM. Failure to upgrade in the correct order will result with the Configuration Wizard generating a Database Configuration Failure error.


If you have additional pollers or web consoles, upgrade them at the same time as your SolarWinds server. Update the main poller first, then the additional pollers and/or web consoles. Additional web consoles and pollers communicate with the primary SAM server on port 17777.


Follow the appropriate procedure in the section "Upgrading Server and Application Monitor" in the SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor Administrator Guide.


Repeat this procedure for any additional pollers or Web Consoles, making sure to use the correct installers for pollers (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-Poller.exe) or web consoles (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-WebOnly.exe), since these are different from the standard installer package.


If you are licensed for additional polling engines or additional web servers, they can be found in your SolarWinds Customer Portal. The additional Poller components must be installed on all additional pollers. The additional web server components should also be installed on all additional web servers. Both the additional poller and web server components should be at the same version as the primary SAM server.


  • If you are installing/upgrading to SAM 6.2, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) will need to be upgraded to version 1.6.2. The EOC upgrade can be found in your customer portal.
  • If you purchase a SAM license to use with NPM, the additional nodes allowed in the SAM license can monitor CPU, Memory, and response times for nodes.
  • Downgrades of SolarWinds products are not supported. If you are upgrading or installing multiple SolarWinds products, confirm that you are installing them in the order given in the Upgrade Instructions located in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  • If you are not up to date on your maintenance, you will not be able to install service releases.
  • SAM 6.2 is compatible with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
  • SolarWinds SAM 6.2 supports the following versions of SQL Server:
    • SQL Server 2008 without SP, with SP1, with SP2, or with SP3
    • SQL Server 2008 R2 without SP, with SP1, or with SP2
    • SQL Server 2012 without SP or with SP1
    • SQL Server 2014

Migrating to Another Server

If you are installing the new SAM version to a new server, but plan to use an existing database, you are required to manually copy the original security certificate to the new server before installing the new SAM version. Otherwise you will need to re-enter passwords for all your SAM credentials. 


Open Issues in this Release

This release of SolarWinds SAM includes the following open issues:

  • When upgrading to SAM 6.2, NPM must first be upgraded to version 11.5. Once NPM has been upgraded, you will receive a notification that SAM alerts have failed to migrate successfully. SAM will correctly convert these alerts once it has been upgraded to version 6.2.

Fixed Issues and Additions in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and additions:

Version 6.2

Fixed Issues:

  • An issue where the Count Statistic as Difference option resets itself after upgrading has been fixed. a
  • AppInsight for Exchange's Configuration Wizard (German) would produce an error stating: Performance Counter not Found. This issue has been fixed. b, v
  • Issues preventing the Multi Chart from being added to a view or throwing an unexpected website error, have been fixed. c, x, jj
  • The SQL Server Events component monitor included within AppInsight for SQL can now be disabled. Disabling this monitor may be needed to prevent a false reporting of 100% CPU usage due to a known Microsoft issue. d
  • An issue where lengthy error messages caused the Top 10 Components by Statistic resource to fail after upgrading has been fixed. e, r
  • An issue where Hardware Health monitoring was reporting incorrect values for ESX drives has been fixed. f, l, o, t
  • The Windows Server 2008-2012 Domain Controller template has be updated to correct a scripting issue. g
  • An issue where SAM's Hardware Health monitoring was not detecting information incorrectly against HP Insight Manager 9.4 has been fixed. h
  • Inconsistent Hardware Health monitoring has been resolved. i, j, k, m, n, ll, ww, e1
  • The option to disable individual Hardware Health sensors has been added, allowing for the prevention of false statuses being detected. p
  • An issue where an unexpected error occurred for service monitors due to an invalid query has been resolved. q
  • An issue with the Linux/Unix script monitor's private key authentication causing high CPU usage on the Orion Server has been fixed. s, rr, zz
  • An issue where the HTTPS Monitor would misfire has been fixed. y
  • An issue where some disabled component monitors were being reported as Down has been fixed. z, qq
  • An issue where alerts were being fired for disabled SAM components with the inability to acknowledge them has been fixed. aa, cc, dd, ee, ff, pp
  • A PowerShell script within AppInsight for Exchange has been updated to prevent certain mailbox database errors from occurring. bb
  • An AppInsight for Exchange configuration issue where polling failed has been fixed. gg, d1
  • During the Sonar Discovery process, an issue with AppInsight applications not being detected has been fixed. hh
  • An issue where component monitors never finish loading while editing a template has been fixed. ii
  • An issue where the wsmprovhost.exe process was consuming more resources than necessary has been fixed. kk
  • An issue where advanced alerts do not work properly with certain properties has been fixed. mm
  • An issue where HP warranty status was missing has been fixed. nn
  • An issue where database retention settings were not saved has been fixed. oo
  • A limitation with a SWQL filter under the Applications with Problems resource has been removed. tt
  • An issue where scripting updates were not being stored to the database has been fixed. uu
  • An problem caused by script monitors not providing statistic values for defined outputs has been fixed. vv
  • Additional synchronization for TLS connections has been added. xx
  • An issue where certain charts would not load data beyond one day has been fixed. yy
  • Chart performance has been optimized. a1
  • An issue where an Asset Inventory report was misrepresenting data has been corrected. b1
  • An issue where messages were being duplicated for Linux Script monitors has been fixed. f1


New Additions:

  • AppInsight for IIS has been implemented.
  • Agents have been implemented for an optional method of communication.
  • The AppStack Environment view has been implemented, providing an in-depth view into your environment for simplified troubleshooting.
    Important: As a standalone product, AppStack is available in the software versions listed below. If you own two or more of the listed products, AppStack will not function properly unless each version of the software is upgraded to the versions listed:
    • Server and Application Monitor 6.2
    • Storage Resource Monitor 6.0
    • Virtualization Manager 6.2 (Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Manager 2.0)
    • Web Performance Monitor 2.2 
  • Capacity forecasting has been implemented.
  • Web based alerting has been implemented. (Win 32 based alerting has been replaced by this implementation.) c1
  • Monitoring Quality of Experience has been implemented. u, w, ss
  • The ability to manage hardware thresholds has been added.
  • Desktop Notification Tool has been added.
  • Orion Global Search: Search through traps, syslogs, alerts, events, and monitored objects directly in the Orion Web Console. The Global Search is available as a technical preview. Important Disclaimer: As we say with statements in our What We Are Working On posts, this technical preview is a demonstration of potential future capabilities and is not a commitment to delivering this feature in the next (or potentially any) release of SAM or as a standalone product. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into account when making decisions on whether, when, and how to implement the demonstrated features. While we are committed to providing guidance for this technical preview in production environments, it is not considered officially released and supported as a part of SAM product maintenance, and our ultimate advice may simply be to remove the technical preview.
  • Templates added to this release include the following:
    • Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall
    • Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 Services (Windows)
    • Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 Statistic (SNMP)
    • Clam AV
    • Exchange Active Sync Connectivity
    • Kaspersky Security Center Antivirus
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Events
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Statistics
    • Microsoft Routing and Remote Access 2008-2012 R2
    • Microsoft Routing and Remote Access 2008-2012 R2 (Events)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2-2012 R2 Failover Cluster
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2-2012 R2 Failover Cluster (Advanced)
    • Office 365 User Statistics with PowerShell
    • Remote Desktop Services Licensing
    • SolarWinds Failover Engine
    • SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
    • SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services R2
    • SQL Server 2008-2012 Reporting Services (Events)
    • SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
    • Trend Micro OfficeScan Client
    • Trend Micro OfficeScan Server
    • VMware vCenter Server 5.5




Table of Fixed SAM Issues

The following table provides the internal Development ID numbers and external support ID numbers for fixed SAM issues as well as new feature requests in this release. Search in the support ID number column for the number assigned to your support case.

Superscript Support ID number Development ID number
a 613672 335089
b 666384 360734
c 679899 367453
d 635372 347190
e 608990 337199
f 443682 225128
g 496119 257160
h 538003 286100
i 550534 292841
j - 293434
k 502392 262384
l 518337 270043
m 486088 252538
n 592445 324733
o 618519 339242
p 636197 347692
q 619490 338908
r 629961 348739
s 639120 349345
t 619697 345588
u 650700 357851
v 600468 326849
w 665634 360413
x 676305 365431
y 668441 361371
z 624554 342563
aa 643147 349844
bb 629552 351236
cc 595336 325030
dd 598903 325503
ee 605936 330406
ff - 239182
gg 676470 371829
hh 705122 377263
ii 704317 377322
jj 711934 383851
kk 635477 354654
ll 570283 306320
mm 692422 372472
nn 636351 353565
oo 714571 385280
pp 728591 390882
qq 729957 390951
rr 711032 381304
ss 682708 382211
tt 604600 329996
uu 591701 325142
vv 597773 328103
ww 611462 335374
xx 577024 321849
yy 610590 333273
zz 613524 335247
a1 562454 301027
b1 596751 325217
c1 668561 364607
d1 603993 334804
e1 583377 323894
f1 547905 290385
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