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SAM 6.2.3 Release Notes

Updated 12/22/2015

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) version 6.2.3.

For SAM environment requirements, see the SAM 6.2.3 System Requirements.


Installing this Version

As with all modifications to your production environment, we recommend that you complete the following tasks before implementing any changes:

If you need a temporary license to install an instance of the software in a lab, please download an evaluation copy of the latest software from our website. Evaluation copies come with a fully functional 30-day license.

SAM Administrator Guide


  • Additional Orion Web Servers must be able to communicate with the primary SAM server on TCP port 17777. If you are within a secured network and have separated the polling engine component from the Web Console or are using additional pollers, make sure the polling engine is reachable on port 17777.
  • Whenever you upgrade SAM, ensure you first back up your database.
  • Ensure your Orion products are compatible with each other by referring to the Orion Compatibility Matrix, found here: Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion products for installation and upgrade and End of Life Support

Upgrading and Configuring

If you have both NPM and SAM installed, upgrade NPM on all SolarWinds servers first, and then on the additional pollers. Once that is complete, you can successfully upgrade to this release of SAM. Failure to upgrade in the correct order will result with the Configuration Wizard generating a Database Configuration Failure error.


If you have additional pollers or web consoles, upgrade them at the same time as your SolarWinds server. Update the main poller first, then the additional pollers and/or web consoles. Additional web consoles and pollers communicate with the primary SAM server on port 17777.


Follow the appropriate procedure in the section "Upgrading Server & Application Monitor" in the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Administrator Guide.


Repeat this procedure for any additional pollers or Web Consoles, making sure to use the correct installers for pollers (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-Poller.exe) or web consoles (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-WebOnly.exe), since these are different from the standard installer package.


If you are licensed for additional polling engines or additional web servers, they can be found in your SolarWinds Customer Portal. The additional Poller components must be installed on all additional pollers. The additional web server components should also be installed on all additional web servers. Both the additional poller and web server components should be at the same version as the primary SAM server.

If you are installing/upgrading to SAM 6.2 or higher, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) will need to be upgraded to version 1.6.2. The EOC upgrade can be found in your customer portal.
If you purchase a SAM license to use with NPM, the additional nodes allowed in the SAM license can monitor CPU, Memory, and response times for nodes.
Downgrades of SolarWinds products are not supported. If you are upgrading or installing multiple SolarWinds products, confirm that you are installing them in the order given in the Upgrade Instructions located in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.
If you are not up to date on your maintenance, you will not be able to install service releases.
SAM 6.2.1 and higher is compatible with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
SolarWinds SAM 6.2.1 and higher support the following versions of SQL Server:
  • SQL Server 2008 without SP, with SP1, SP2, SP3, or with SP4.
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 without SP, with SP1 or SP2.
  • SQL Server 2012 without SP, with SP1, or with SP2.
  • SQL Server 2014.

Migrating to Another Server

If you are installing the new SAM version to a new server, but plan to use an existing database, you are required to manually copy the original security certificate to the new server before installing the new SAM version. Otherwise you will need to re-enter passwords for all your SAM credentials. 

New Orion Platform Features and Improvements

Orion Platform 2015.1.3 includes the following features:

  • Improved performance of automatic geographic locations on the world map.
  • Older Orion certificates have been migrated from MD5 to SHA1.
  • Improved Active Diagnostic results.

Fixed Orion Platform Issues

Orion Platform 2015.1.3 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
Agents: Agents status is set to Reboot Pending incorrectly. 801973, 801004
Agents: Messages larger than 1MB are blocked and agent status is set to Unknown. 846439
Agents: Agents using server initiated communication may be unresponsive if other agents using the same communication method are offline. 866131
Agents: Plugins set to "preload" may change to "idle" instead. 820266
World Map: Locations with ampersands (&) are not automatically added to the map. 800614
World Map: Nodes with GPS coordinates are not automatically added to the map. 793578, 774038
General: Services restart due to a licensing issue. 849632
Configuration Wizard: The Configuration Wizards stops working when files named aa.txt are saved to the C:// drive. -
Charts: The TCP Waterfall chart does not display the entire time range. -
Alerting: Interface alerts retrigger when a node is deleted. 800495, 806580, 767988, 785976
Thresholds: Orion thresholds are not filtered by type. 811487, 816259, 818753, 823790, 823845, 822266, 818798, 818694, 821972, 821701, 823987
Topology: Updates the topology calculation behavior. When possible, MAC Address information related to a port is added to help map the connection target interface from the LLDP data when the RemotePortId uses the MAC Address Port Subtype. -
General: Allied-Telesis device shown as Allied-Telesyn. -
Message Center: The Message Center does not work for non-administrator user accounts. 784126
Reports: Filter Nodes (SQL) fails for the Report from Orion Report Writer resource. 828709, 824392, 828425, 827247
Charts: The 2 MB line is duplicated on the Report Chart. -
Notifications: You are notified that your database maintenance is overdue after your nightly database maintenance. -
Polling: The polling engine is slow or non-reporting. -
Discovery: Network Discovery does not complete. -
Limitations: Limitations do not work on Custom Properties and Forecast Capacity for nodes and Forecast Capacity for volumes. -
Polling: The Machine Type is not polled for some device types. -
Performance: Improved the page load time on the Web Console. -
Performance: IIS crashes and the Orion web site is unavailable. 855805, 829479
Topology: You cannot set topology calculation to skip repeated MAC/IP addresses. -
Alerting: Alerts with the condition Node IsServer do not work. -
Alerting: PowerShell scripts cannot be executed from the Alert Manager. 857833
Users: Windows accounts cannot be added if "Force SmartCard logon" is set. -
General: List of vendor specific MAC prefixes updated. -
General: Missing edit button on a COR with chartv2 resource. 776751
Charts: Cannot edit the name of a Multi Object Chart. 857696
Alerting: Email Action breaks HTML messages. 850986
Traps: Trap Action execution fails if the Trap template has incorrect Macro syntax. 860945
Pollers: Manage Pollers functionality is not available in NCM 7.4 standalone. -
Dependencies: Auto Dependency creates a dependency loop. 775211
Groups: Incorrect group status is propagated to parent groups for some nested group structures. 837422, 848987
Alerting: TCP/IP connection and memory leak in BusinessLayer alerting. 883931, 878677, 880918, 876997
Charts: Data are not available on Group views in custom charts. 831877
Performance: Subscriber improvements for version 11.5. -
Groups and Limitations: Performance issues related to limitations and groups. -
Performance: Some resources are blank because the SQL query processor is out of resources and could not build a query plan. -
Groups and Limitations: Small issues related to limitations and groups, such as broken group member links. -
Alerting: Alerts with Group Member conditions cause errors and fail to fire. -
General: Issue with increased Memory/CPU consumption. -


Orion Platform 2015.1.2 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
Hyperlinks in the Advanced Syslog Summary report do not work. 721559
The Edit Nodes page takes a long time to load. 774393
The World Map does not display correctly (SW World Map Improvements KB4785) 739039
Mandatory properties may not be marked as required. 759197
Cannot edit custom fields. 754291


Orion Platform 2015.1.1 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
Event-based alerts do not respect the "Time Of Day" setting in web-based alerting. -
The BusinessLayer service crashes (system is not working) after the Daylight Saving Time change. -
The variable for the "From" field in email actions does not work. 770835, 766515, 759250, 772366, 767818, 770838, 773975, 772366
Incorrect node status in the reset email notifications. 765782, 766666, 769891
Users cannot delete interfaces after upgrading to Orion Platform 2015.1. 767039, 767294, 768941, 773062, 774141, 776778
You receive false alerts about node reboots when users set nodes to 'Unmanaged'. 768201, 773610, 775735
You can only select individual recipients when sending page or SMS message with NotePager Pro. 765052, 772957, 767945
The Alert Manager in the web is empty when you have more than 5,000 alerts. 767180
The ampersand (&) is counted as an illegal character in email addresses in alert and report actions. 784254, 776541
The trap service stops after 45 minutes. -
VM Associations are incorrect in AppStack. -
Volume polling fails in Orion Platform when VMan integration is enabled. 751942, 753891, 765830, 766553, 774932, 777699, 780381
Database maintenance deletes alert history for all reset alerts. -
Unable to save custom properties. 779178, 771301, 779543, 779903
Alert actions execute for deleted objects. 770842, 767802, 750100, 773918, 775960, 769042, 769906
Cannot specify the scope of a reset condition. 770526


Known Orion Platform Issues

This version of SolarWinds Orion Platform includes the following known issues:

Area Description
Flow Navigator Flow Navigator displays nodes outside the scope of the account limitation.
Auto Dependencies Dependencies occasionally lose their topology links, which results in a reduced number of dependencies for nodes and alerts.
Alerting On an upgrade, the alert action Sending an SNMP Trap does not work correctly.
When editing an alert to consider a different object, the alert actions are executed twice.
Discovery Discoveries scheduled for a specific time do not run.


Open Issues in Server & Application Monitor (Version 6.2.3):

Open Issues

Fixed Issues in Server & Application Monitor (Version 6.2.3):

Fixed Issues Customer Case Number
An issue where disabled Hardware Health sensors are becoming enabled after the next poll has been fixed. 894961
An issue where the VMware ESX Host template does not work with ESXi 6.0 has been fixed. 894919, 871661, 888487

An issue where hardware health monitoring was lost or disabled after upgrading to SAM 6.2.2 has been fixed.




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