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Troubleshooting agent configuration issue in SAM

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Updated: 3-9-2017

Connection refused for a passive agent

  • Specify an agent shared secret to connect an agent running in server-initiated communication mode, or specify a proxy.
  • Verify that the agent port is accessible.

Agent is not running in passive mode

  • The agent is running in the agent-initiated communication mode and you cannot connect to it.
  • Change the communication mode to server-initiated. You can uninstall and install the agent from the server, or manually install it.
  • You can change the communication mode on the remote host through the Control Panel > Orion Agent Settings.

Agent is not running in passive mode

  • The agent version is empty or zero. This indicates that something is wrong with the agent.
  • Install the agent again.

Agent GUID is different than the request ID

  • The agent may be connected to another Orion server, or is broken.
  • Install the agent again.
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15:56, 20 Mar 2017