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Use Integrated Remote Desktop

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Updated: 3-9-2017

Sometimes it is necessary to console into a remote server to troubleshoot an issue. This can be accomplished within the Orion Web Console.

To enable this feature:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, select Settings > All Settings and click Manage Accounts under User Accounts.
  2. Select your Orion account and click Edit.
  3. Under the ALERTS section, select Yes for Allow Browser Integration.
  4. Click Submit.

The Node Details page will have an extra set of icons in the upper right, including one that links to the Remote Desktop page.

This feature requires Internet Explorer 9 and earlier.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Break to enter/exit full screen mode.

  1. Open the Node Details view for the server you want to view remotely.

    The easiest way to open the Node Details view is to click the remote server you want to view in any All Nodes resource.

  2. Click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/SAM_Admin_Guide_Reuse/SAM-Admin-MT/0N0/010/03000008_16x16.png, located at the of the Node Details view.

    Depending on the security settings of your browser, you may be asked to install an ActiveX control for remote desktop viewing. Follow all prompts to install this required control.

  3. Verify the Server IP address or hostname, select an appropriate Screen Size, and then click Connect.
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