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Unmanage and manage assigned application monitors

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Updated: 3-9-2017

You may need to unmanage or manage assigned application monitors. When a template of application monitors is unmanaged, you no longer receive data in SAM. To resume viewing status and polled data, you need to manage the application monitors template.

You cannot unmanage specific application monitors within a template. Monitors have an enable/disable option.

You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform this action.

  1. On the Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Application Monitors.
  2. Locate the application monitor template you want to manage or unmanage.
  3. Select the option as needed: Manage or Unmanage.
  4. When unmanaging, a scheduler opens to set the date and time to begin and end the unmanaged state. Click OK to save.
  5. When managing, the application monitor template immediately begins polling per the configured intervals.
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