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WTSM Status

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Updated: 3-9-2017

The following table lists the conditions that must be met in order for a status of Available, Not Available, or Undefined, to be triggered:

Available Not Available Undefined
Task Success Trigger Not Found Default
Task Ready Task Not Ready  
Task Running Task Not Running  
Task Disabled Service Not Installed  
Task Has Not Run Cannot Open Task  
Task No More Runs Invalid Task  
Task Not Scheduled Account Information Not Set  
Task Terminated Account Name Not Found  
Task No Valid Triggers Account Database Corrupt  
Event Trigger No Security Services  
Some Triggers Failed Unknown Object Version  
Batch Log on Problem Unsupported Account Option  
Task Queued Service Not Running  
  Unexpected Node  
  Name space  
  Invalid Value  
  Missing Node  
  Malformed XML  
  Too Many Nodes  
  Past End Boundary  
  Already Running  
  User Not Logged On  
  Invalid Task Hash  
  Service Not Available  
  Service Too Busy  
  Task Attempted  
  Task Not V1 Compatible  
  Start On Demand  
  Service Does not Exist  
  No File Specified  
  Cannot Delete Object  
  Not Valid Application  
  Incorrect Function  
  File Not Found  
  Environment Is Incorrect  
  Application Terminated  
  Unknown Software Exception  
  Operation Canceled  
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14:39, 10 Mar 2017