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Customize the AppStack view

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Updated: 3-9-2017

You can customize this view by clicking Change Layout Settings in the Layout drop down menu of the AppStack page. These setting affect the look of content and refresh rate of the page. Modifying these settings can help with performance, such as limiting the amount of objects displayed, hiding empty categories, and increasing or reducing the update interval.

You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform this action.


You can modify the following:

  • Limit on Up Objects Shown per Category: Objects in the AppStack Environment view are ordered from left to right, with the worst status being shown on the left side of the view. Limiting the number of Up objects can provide more room for objects needing attention. Additionally, limiting the number of Up objects displayed can improve AppStack performance.
  • Object Names: Highlights distressed objects by displaying the names of these objects.
  • Align Objects: By default, all objects are left-aligned. This can be changed by selecting either Center or Right-Aligned.
  • Show Category Status Summary: The Category Status Summary are the colored numbers to the right of each category, indicating the number of objects in a particular state. This can visible at all times, or only when categories are collapsed.
  • Empty Categories: Selecting this option hides categories with no objects, giving the view a cleaner look.
  • Update Interval: Change the time between AppStack refreshes.
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