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Run SolarWinds SAM

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Updated: December 15, 2017

SAM is part of the Orion Web Console, accessed through a web browser. You can access the page through a shortcut added to your programs. When opened, bookmark the page for ease of returning.

  1. Launch the Orion Web Console using either of the following methods:
    • Start the Orion Web Console in your SolarWinds Orion program folder.
    • Launch a browser and enter http://ip_address or http://hostname, where ip_address is the IP address of your Orion server, or where hostname is the domain name of your Orion server.
  2. Enter the User name and Password, and click Login.

After logging in, SolarWinds highly recommends setting up users to ensure your data and network remain in your control. SAM and all Orion products support different permissions for users, including administrator level for access to all key features and configurations.

Some features available in SAM and multi-module Orion products will require administrator access.

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