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Scale SAM for larger environments

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Updated: 3-9-2017  

Stackable Pollers Available? Yes. For SAM 6.2 and higher. Two polling engines can be installed on a single server.
Poller Remotability Available?

Yes, for SAM versions 5.5 and higher

Poller remotability is a feature that enables the local storage, using MSMQ, of up to ~1 GB of polled data per poller in the event that the connection between the polling engine and the database is temporarily lost.

Primary Poller Limits

~8-10k component monitors per polling engine.

25-50 concurrent Orion Web Console users.

Scalability Options

One APE for every 8-10k component monitors.

Maximum of 150k component monitors per primary SolarWinds SAM installation (i.e. 1 SAM server + 14 APEs).

For more information about licensing, see Why are you licensing by monitors instead of by servers?

WAN and/or Bandwidth Considerations

Minimal monitoring traffic is sent between the primary SAM server and any APEs that are connected over a WAN. Most traffic related to monitoring is between an APE and the SolarWinds database. Bandwidth requirements depend on the size of the relevant component monitor. Based on 67.5 kB / WMI poll and a 5 minute polling frequency, the estimate is 1.2 Mbps for 700 component monitors. For more information, see How do SNMP and WMI polling compare?

WMI is best suited for environments where latency is < 100ms.

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