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SAM 6.0.1 Release Notes

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Updated 10/05/2013

Beginning with version 5.0, Orion Application Performance Monitor, (APM), has been renamed to SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, (SAM). These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) version 6.0.1

Installing this Version

As with all modifications to your production environment, it is suggested that you complete the following tasks before implementing any changes:

If you need a temporary license to install an instance of the software in a lab, please download an evaluation copy of the latest software from our website. Evaluation copies come with a fully functional 30-day license.

SAM Administrator's Guide


  • Additional Orion Web Servers must be able to communicate with the primary SAM server on TCP port 17777. If you are within a secured network and have separated the polling engine component from the Web Console or are using additional pollers, make sure the polling engine is reachable on port 17777.
  • Whenever you upgrade SAM, ensure you first back up your database.

Upgrading and Configuring

Important: For customers with additional pollers, please note that the 'Local-Only' setting was removed in SAM 5.5. For more information on how this may impact your environment, see SWKB 4429.

If you have both NPM and APM installed, upgrade NPM on all SolarWinds servers first, followed by the pollers. Once that is complete, you can successfully upgrade to this release of SAM. Failure to upgrade in the correct order will result with the Configuration Wizard generating a Database Configuration Failure error.

If you have additional pollers or web consoles, upgrade them at the same time as your SolarWinds server. Update the main poller first, then the additional pollers and/or web consoles. Additional web consoles and pollers communicate with the primary SAM server on port 17777.

Follow the appropriate procedure in the section "Upgrading Server & Application Monitor" in the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Administrator Guide.

Repeat this procedure for any additional pollers or Web Consoles, making sure to use the correct installers for pollers (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-Poller.exe) or web consoles (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-WebOnly.exe), since these are different from the standard installer package.

If you are licensed for additional polling engines or additional web servers, they can be found in your SolarWinds Customer Portal. The additional Poller components must be installed on all additional pollers. The additional web server components should also be installed on all additional web servers. Both the additional poller and web server components should be at the same version as the primary SAM server.


  • If you purchase a SAM license to use with NPM, the additional nodes allowed in the SAM license can monitor CPU, Memory, and response times for nodes.
  • Downgrades of SolarWinds products are not supported. If you are upgrading or installing multiple SolarWinds products, confirm that you are installing them in the order given in the Upgrade Instructions located in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  • If you are not up to date on your maintenance, you will not be able to install service releases.

Migrating to Another Server

If you are installing the new SAM version to a new server, but plan to use an existing database, you are required to manually copy the original security certificate to the new server before installing the new SAM version. Otherwise you will need to re-enter passwords for all your SAM credentials. For information about copying the security certificate and a workaround to avoid re-entering passwords (if you migrated without copying the security certificate), refer to the following knowledge base article: How can I migrate my credentials when upgrading Orion APM 3.5 to Orion APM 4.0, or higher, on a new server?

Open Issues in this Release

This release of SolarWinds SAM includes the following open issues:


  • Account Limitations does not work for Application Custom Properties.
  • Some AppInsight for SQL resources do not load correctly in Internet Explorer 7.
  • The threshold variables ${Threshold-Statistic-Warning}, and ${Threshold-Statistic-Critical}, do not work properly when alerting for Multi-value script monitors.

Fixed Issues and Additions in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and additions:

Version 6.0.1

Additions and Improvements:


  • SAM 6.0.1 is FIPS compliant:
  • SAM has been validated to work in environments where SAM is installed on a Windows Server where FIPS Mode has been enabled.
  • Index Fragmentation on SQL databases:  Users can now exclude indexes based on size


    Fixed Issues:

    • An issue concerning warranty polling and expiration of HP servers has have been fixed a, b, c, d
    • An issue concerning the monitoring of Oracle processes that produce data anomalies has been fixed e
    • An issue where variables do not enumerate at certain times has been fixed f
    • An issue has been fixed concerning the editing of templates on a large number of nodes resulting in the following error: System.InvalidOperationException: Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property." g
    • An issue concerning a daily maintenance task error has been fixed h
    • An issue with nodes showing unknown application status with no application assigned has been fixed l
    • An issue with AppInsight for SQL views and AppInsight for SQL not accepting Windows credentials/permissions has been fixed i, j, k, m, t
    • An issue where unmanaging objects via the Unmanage Scheduling Utility creates down time, has been fixed. n
    • An issue with monitoring disk hardware health, ESXi 5.1, and vSphere, has been fixed. o, p
    • An issue with script monitors continuously going into an unknown state has been fixed q
    • An issue where multiple temporary files are left behind on Linux machines has been resolved r
    • An issue concerning the scanning of a large number of nodes for applications that result in a failure, has been fixed s
    • The inability to import certificates for SSH has been resolved and this is now possible
    •  Charts that may have improperly displayed data as Date/Time when exporting to HTML has been fixed
    • An incorrect component status display when the "Count statistic as difference" is enabled for SNMP Monitors has been fixed.
    • An issue with SQL databases with a status of Critical not being displayed in Network Atlas has been fixed

    Table of Fixed SAM Issues

    The following table provides the internal Development ID numbers and external support ID numbers for fixed SAM issues as well as new feature requests in this release. Search in the support ID number column for the number assigned to your support case.
    Superscript Support ID number Development ID number
    a 519854 270703
    b 521068 273145
    c 524713 274312
    d 524989 277257
    e 459805 232727
    f 462802 244729
    g 496967 260838
    h 497062 259930
    i 526080 276470
    j 515132 267884
    k 523984 274496
    l 520044 275739
    m 509248 268500
    n 509039 273918
    o 465982 237908
    p 474588 254510
    q 345011 155515
    r 462044 239149
    s 467081 246024
    t 521922 273154
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