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SAM 5.5: Process Monitoring on AS/400 produces error


SAM 5.5: Process Monitoring on AS/400 produces error. You are able to browse and select processes for monitoring but actual polling results in an SNMP monitor error: No process info found.


All SAM versions


This is a known issue with this particular device. In order for SAM to poll processes, SAM needs to know how much CPU & Memory the process is consuming. This is part of the standard HOST-RESOURCES MIB. IBM has a watered-down SNMP agent on the AS/400 that does not expose this information. SAM can see the list of processes, but when trying to poll, two critical pieces of information are missing.


In order to get around this lack of information provided by IBM, you can use a third party agent from Comtek:


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21:46, 30 Nov 2016