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SAM 5.0 Release Notes

Table of contents

Version 5.0

  • Orion Application and Performance Monitor (APM) has been renamed to SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) beginning with version 5.0.
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring for both monitored and unmonitored processes has been incorporated.
  • SAM provides out-of-the-box performance statistics for unmonitored processes and services. These monitors include:
    • Top XX Unmonitored Processes/Services by CPU utilization
    • Top XX Unmonitored Processes/Services by Memory utilization
    • Top XX Unmonitored Processes/Services by Virtual Memory utilization
    • Top XX Unmonitored Processes/Services by Disk I/O
  • SAM now supports Hardware Health Monitoring for the following vendors with links to the software needed to enable hardware monitoring:
    Vendor Software Required
    VMware hosts None
    Hewlett-Packard (HP) – ProLiant HP System Insight Manager
      HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for Windows Server 2003/2008
    Dell – PowerEdgea Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
    IBM – X-Series IBM Director
      IBM's ServeRAID Manager
  • Server hardware monitoring will include the following components (where available):
    • Hard drive status
    • Battery status
    • Array status
    • Array controller status
    • Power supply status
    • Fan status
    • Chassis intrusion status
    • Chassis temperature and/or status
    • Chassis fan speed and/or status
    • CPU temperature and/or status
    • CPU fan speed and/or status
    • Memory module status
    • Voltage regulator status
    • Machine serial number
  • New and Updated Templates:
    • Windows
      • Active Directory Group Policy
      • Citrix XenApp 6.0 Core Counters
      • Citrix XenApp 6.0 ICA Session
      • Citrix XenApp 6.0 Presentation Server
      • Citrix XenApp 6.0 Services
      • Distributed File System (DFS)
      • Log Parser (PowerShell)
      • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Adapters Performance Counters
      • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Host Throttling Performance Counters
      • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Message Box and Orchestrations Performance Counters
      • Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
      • Microsoft Network Policy Server Events
      • Microsoft Network Policy Server RADIUS Proxy
      • Microsoft Network Policy Server RADIUS Server
      • Microsoft Windows Update
      • Streaming Media Services 2008
      • Windows DHCP Server
      • Windows DNS Server
      • Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller Security
      • Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller Security
    • Unix/Linux
      • DHCP ISC/Internet Systems Consortium
      • DNS ISC/Internet Systems Consortium (BIND)
      • Log Parser (Perl)
      • OpenLDAP
    • Databases
      • IBM DB2
      • IBM Informix
      • MySQL
      • Oracle Database (Updated)
      • PostgreSQL
      • Sybase ASE Database
  • IPv6 is now supported.
  • Users can now define a SAM Administrator role independent of the Orion Administrator role.b, c, d, f
  • Users now have the option to choose the platform (x86/x64) on which to run polling jobs. This option is found under the Advanced section in Applications, Component Monitors, and Templates.
  • The PowerShell Monitor now supports impersonation for Local Script Execution Mode.
  • Improvement in credentials handling for application templates applied to Windows nodes managed via WMI.
  • The "Count as Difference" option has been added to the following monitors:
    • Nagios Script Monitor
    • ODBC User Experience Monitor
    • Oracle User Experience Monitor
    • PowerShell Script Monitor
    • SQL User Experience Monitor
    • Unix/Linix Script Monitors
    • Windows Script Monitor
  • The Message Center now provides options to filter/suppress SAM-specific events.
  • Polling nodes using the WMI protocol has been implemented.
  • Display memory usage by processes with greater precision.e
  • SAM now supports Google's Chrome web browser.
  • Scan Nodes for Applications results in "Status: unassigned Failure reason: Unknown." This issue has been fixed.g
  • An issue concerning the Windows Event Log and ineffective Keyword matching has been resolved.h
  • An issue concerning missing statistics for application availability when unmanaged has been resolved.i
  • An issue concerning the status of application with dependencies has been resolved.j
  • An issue concerning the creation of unexpected events from alerts has been resolved.k
  • An issue concerning Unix script files not being automatically deleted has been fixed.



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