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SAM 5.5 Release Notes

Fixed Issues and Additions in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and additions:

Version 5.5

Additions and Improvements:

  • Important: For customers with additional pollers, please note that the 'Local-Only' setting has been removed. For more information on how this may impact your environment, see SWKB 4429.
  • Windows Service Control Manager added.
  • Custom properties support for applications.
  • Certificate based authentication for Linux, Unix, and Nagios script monitors when using SSH connections.
  • Hardware Health Monitoring support for Server Blade Chassis (HP C3000, HP C7000, Dell M1000e).
  • Windows Network Interface Monitoring via WMI.
  • End processes remotely using the Real-Time Process Explorer.
  • Exchange (Web Services) User Experience Monitor.
  • Support for sub-views in SAM web interface.
  • Independent SMTP credential support for MAPI, POP3, and IMAP4 User Experience Monitors.
  • Reorder component monitors in templates.
  • Management resource introduced on Node Details Page.
  • Reboot option added to Node Details page.
  • "Number of Components" column added on the "Assigned Application Monitors" and "Application Monitor Templates" pages.
  • RPC fetching method option added to Windows Event Log Monitor.
  • Hardware Details Resource now displays vendor agent version.
  • Added breadcrumbs to Component Monitor Wizard.
  • Export button enabled for MIN/MAX/AVG charts.
  • Windows mount points are now monitored as regular volumes.
  • Multi-edit support for thresholds in the Application Template Editor.
  • Component message added to the Report Writer.
  • New pre-configured volume usage alert.
  • Start Monitoring Wizard launched from the Real-Time Process Explorer now allows you to monitor multiple processes simultaneously.
  • Windows Volume Performance Metrics for IOPS, Queued I/O, and latency, added to the Volume Details view for volumes monitored on WMI managed nodes.
  • URLs in the Component Settings Resource for FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS User Experience Monitors are now clickable.
  • SAM now supports installations on Windows Server 2012.
  • Remote deployment of additional pollers is now supported by SAM.

Newly Added and Updated Application Templates:

  • Active Directory 2008 R2-2012 Services and Counters.
  • APC PowerChute Agent (Windows).
  • Bind 9.6 and higher.
  • CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution.
  • Directory Size Monitor.
  • Exchange Web Services Round Trip Email.
  • File Count.
  • GlassFish (JMX).
  • GoodLink Server for Microsoft Exchange.
  • IBM DB2 HADR Health.
  • IBM WebSphere (JMX).
  • JBoss (JMX).
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Server Manager (Windows).
  • Novell GroupWise.
  • Oracle WebLogic (JMX).
  • Progress Database.
  • SQL Server 2012.
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere.
  • Symantec NetBackup.
  • Terminal Services Licensing.
  • Trend Micro Server Protect (Windows).
  • UniData Database (Windows).
  • Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters.

Fixed Issues:

  • SAM filling up temporary directory.a
  • DAG Health has been improved.b
  • Linux script fails with intermittent 'Unknown State' events.c
  • An issue with the PowerShell log parser has been fixed.d
  • An issue with the next poll time being in the past has been fixed.e
  • Indicator icons in Map View page for SAM Applications with critical status has been fixed.f
  • An issue with hardware health graphs showing errors has been fixed.g
  • An unknown error in the MAPI Monitor has been fixed.h
  • An Windows performance counter issue with the Threat Management Gateway template has been fixed.i
  • A reporting issue concerning hard drive predictive failures vs. actual failures has been fixed.j
  • An issue concerning a connection timeout and jobs being canceled by the scheduler has been fixed.k
  • There are no OIDs to monitor squid for RedHat 6.3. This has been resolved.l
  • An error from the Windows PowerShell monitor for Exchange 2007 has been fixed.m
  • An issue with the JBoss Template has been fixed.n
  • Application Custom Properties has been introduced to resolve various alerting constraints.o
  • An issue when exporting raw data from the Custom Line Graph to Excel returns nulls, has been fixed.p
  • An issue where Assigned Application Monitors were not sorting alphabetically has been fixed.q
  • NPM Node Details Page on Summary tab shows Cisco Hardware as "Server." This issue has been fixed.r


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21:35, 30 Nov 2016