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SAM 5.2 Release Notes

Fixed Issues and Additions in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and additions:

Version 5.2


  • Native support for Monitoring Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Ability to edit multiple component monitors simultaneously within a template has been added.
  • New Min/Max charts added. Note: Beginning in the SAM 5.2 release, legacy charting will be deprecated. SAM customers are encouraged to update their custom views and migrate to the new charts included as part of SAM 5.2.
  • Event Log Monitor Message Resource and alert variable, ${WindowsEventMessages}, added.
  • New Component Monitor Wizard, labeled 'Browse for Component Monitor,' added.
  • Real Time Process Explorer now displays user name and command line information. (Hidden by default).
  • Component Settings resource with expert knowledge and user notes added.
  • New Hardware Health Summary resource added.
  • Support for SQL 2012.
  • Custom ports can now be defined for SQL server monitors. Note: Upgrading to v5.2 will reset this new setting to the ‘Use Default Port’ option. You may need to fix this manually.
  • SNMP component monitors now have the 'Add count as difference' option and now supports GET and GET-NEXT functionality.
  • Boolean data type support added to the JMX component monitor.
  • Improved power supply monitoring of HP Proliant servers.
  • Dell array controller battery health status monitoring added.
  • IBM MegaRAID controller support added.
  • Improved HP power supply health status added.
  • Improved HP memory module health status added.
  • New breadcrumb trail implemented.
  • Node status in application tree implemented.
  • Editing application monitors on a component now opens that component monitor.
  • HTTP/HTTPS macro support for ${Node.SysName}, ${Node.Caption}, ${Node.DNS} and ${Node.ID}.
  • SAM Administrator's Guide and SAM Template Reference are now two independent documents.

Newly Added and Updated Application Templates:

  • AIX
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Server
  • Solaris
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Client
  • HP-UX
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 (Server)
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 (Client)
  • MongoDB (Linux)
  • MongoDB (Windows)
  • Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group
  • Memcached
  • Exchange 2007-2010 Mailbox Send and Receive Statistics with PowerShell
  • Lotus Domino Server Processes and Network Ports (Windows)
  • Lotus Domino Server Processes and Network Ports (Linux)
  • Symantec Backup Exec Server
  • Lotus Domino Server Statistics
  • Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Statistics
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Events
  • Squid (Linux and Unix)
  • Squid (Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Events
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (Performance)
  • Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Statistic
  • Microsoft Message Queuing Events
  • Server Clock Drift (Perl)
  • SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SeUM) Player
  • Server Clock Drift (PowerShell)

Fixed Issues:

  • Issue with the inability to browse for performance counters has been fixed.a
  • SNMP Monitor now supports 'Count as Difference' option.b
  • An issue concerning the addition of application templates via the Add Node wizard has been fixed.c
  • An issue where SAM monitors report there are too many connections to the server has been fixed.d
  • An issue where the SAM hardware monitor does not show the RAM value has been fixed.e
  • An issue where SAM and NPM are out of sync has been resolved.f
  • An issue concerning SQL performance response time has been fixed.g
  • An issue where the Entry ID value for the Windows Event Log Component does not save has been fixed.h
  • Deadlock errors on the web console has been resolved.i
  • An issue with SAM memory hardware polling failing has been fixed.j
  • An issue with incorrect time recalculation in report views has been fixed.k
  • The issue causing a Connection Timeout Error has been corrected.l
  • An issue regarding a misleading license availability message has been resolved.m
  • An issue regarding the inability to access WebLogic MBeans from the SAM server has been resolved.n
  • An issue regarding periodic https monitor failures has been resolved.


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