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Real-time Process Explorer polling times out


Real-time Process Explorer polling times out. 


SAM v5.0 and later


The following are the possible causes:

  • By default, the Real-Time Process Explorer timeout period to start polling is one minute. If it takes longer than this, increasing the timeout period can help.
  • The SAM version on the additional poller is older than the version on the primary poller.



  • Consult your System Administrator before performing the following procedure.
  • SolarWinds strongly recommends that you only edit the SolarWinds.APM.BusinessLayer.dll.config file as instructed. Any additional modifications may result in system performance issues or may create an error state.
  • Save a copy of the original SolarWinds.APM.BusinessLayer.dll.config file to your local drive as a backup file, in case you need to roll back later.
  • Increasing the timeout value to more than 2 minutes is not recommended unless other parameters are adjusted accordingly.
  1. Open the SolarWinds.APM.BusinessLayer.dll.config file in a text editor (c:\Program Files(x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\APM\). 
  2. Insert the following line directly after the  </configSections> line:
    <realTimeProcessExplorer pollingTimeout="00:03:00" jobLifetime="00:05:00" reschedulePollingBeforeEnd="00:01:00" pollInterval="00:00:05"/>
  3. Restart the SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service to apply this change.


Alternatively, you can upgrade the version of SAM on all additional pollers.

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