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Poll failure results in 0 in statistic data and sudden drop in charts (SAM)

Updated: 11/14/2017


When SAM poll fails (for example, due to monitored database server outages), statistic data in SAM displays as 0 but should appears as NULL (N/A). The zero value has a negative affect on charts; sudden drops appears instead of gaps between successful polls. For statistics where zero is atypical or an invalid value, charts are damaged and lose informative value. When historical data is aggregated, minimum and average values are incorrect.

SAM-6274 chart example.png


  • SAM 6.4 



Data returned is 0, resulting in sudden drops in charts as well as problems with minimum and average values for aggregated data. Tracked by SAM-6274, this issue was fixed in other components already. The statistic value from a failed poll should be NULL (N/A in UI) and the MIN/MAX chart should include a gap for failed polls.


Fix in SAM 7.0 stretch, per by SAM-6274. No Customer Issues logged as of 11/14/17.





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