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Nodes in Unknown or Down status


This article describes the issue when a node appears to have a status of Unknown or Down despite being able to ping the device.


SAM version 6.1 or later.



This issue occurs when the node is using SNMP instead of ICMP to poll the status of the system and SNMP is not working correctly.



Scenario 1:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Nodes.
  2. Select the node that shows an Unknown or Down status, and click List Resources. 
  3. Under Status & Response Time, select "ICMP" and click Submit.  If ICMP was already selected, select "SNMP" and then click Submit. Then go back to List Resources, select "ICMP", and click Submit.

Note: If these steps did not resolve the issue, try deleting and then recreating the node in question. 

  4. check the windows firewall for "file and print sharing, (echo-request - ICMPv4)" verify this is enabled.


Scenario 2:

In some cases you may see the devices (especially network) showing incorrect nodes status as down even though you can ping them from Orion Server. And the Orion Server also reports 100% packet loss on these nodes.


This is due to ACL's on the intermediary firewall between the devices being monitored OR the Device itself blocking traffic from IP / network that is hosting the Orion Server.


Remove the Orion Server IP from ACL block list on the firewalls between the Orion Server and managed network nodes. And wait for next poll from Orion or Poll them manually.


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