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New to Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

New to Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

SAM 6.5 Release

Cloud infrastructure monitoring for Azure environments is here! SAM 6.5 now provides visibility into Microsoft Azure VMs so you can monitor and administer hybrid and cloud environments that include both Azure VMs and Amazon Web Services instances, along with attached volumes. We’ve also added multiple templates for Microsoft Office 365 as well as easy integration with SolarWinds DPA. If you’re ready to upgrade or install SAM 6.5, you can use the SolarWinds Orion installer to easily install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously in your environment.

See the SAM 6.5 release notes.

Before you install - We want to make sure you have a successful SAM Installation.  Let’s get started on the right path.

Check the system requirements

Check that your system meets specifications.

Access the Customer Portal

Make sure that your portal account is set up so that you can access your product license.

Prepare your Environment

This video will help you to prepare for installation.

Installing, customizing and training 

- You're ready to go, what next?

Getting Started Guide 

This guide has instructions for installation and setting up your devices along with reporting.  Once the initial system is in place, learn about common techniques to optimize your alerts, reports, maps and views so that you are able to create your perfect system.

SAM Training

Sign up for Professional Series Classes, specifically Introduction to the Orion Platform, Configuring the Orion Platform and Introduction to SAM. * (active maintenance only)


Customers on Active maintenance receive additional training classes and videos to help you create the perfect system for your needs.  Learn More.

Don't see what you're looking for?  

  • Check out the Success Center (our Support, Training, and Documentation hub). - It's your resource to assist you through the implementation process. We offer many articles and videos on how to get started.
  • If you do need to enter a ticket, save time by reading through this quick set of  Tips on Working with Support prior to calling.
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