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Monitor an application process launched from a specific path

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This articles provides information on monitoring an application process launched from a specific path.


All SAM versions


For example:

Imagine your organization uses an application that runs multiple instances of the same executable file for specific data needs. Each executable process is launched from a different folder, and the catch is that these applications are running on the same server.

  • Data application 1 is located in C:\DataApp1\APP.EXE
  • Data application 2 is located in C:\DataApp2\APP.EXE
  • Data application 3 is located in C:\DataApp3\APP.EXE

You can set up a Process Monitor (WMI) and SolarWinds SAM will display each process ID (PID) in the dashboard. However, you need to monitor and report each separate application that has been launched from each folder. What you want to be able to do is set up an application template to monitor Data Application 1 that resides in C:\DataApp1\APP.EXE, then set up another template for data application 2, and so on.

How can I monitor an application that has been launched from each specific?

You can use the "Command Line" filter to get information about concrete instance(s). Check the command line using Task Manager (it is hidden by default) and if the command line contains the full path, you can use it as filter.


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21:47, 30 Nov 2016