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Monitor Windows events in Orion APM

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This article provides steps to monitor Windows events in Orion SAM using the pre-created errors in Application Event Log.


APM version 3.5 or later

Note: APM is now called Server & Application Monitor (SAM). 


To monitor Windows events:

  1. Assign the Errors in Application Event Log template to the target node Windows events by navigating to settings -> all settings -> SAM settings -> manage templates -> checkbox next to the template -> assign to node
  2. Configure the Windows Event Log Monitor component monitor in the template as needed for the events you want to monitor. You can configure:
    Log to Monitor
  • Match Definition
  • Event ID
  • Event Type (Error, Warning, Information, etc.)
  1. Specify If a match is found during a polling period, whether the component is up or down.
  2. Set the thresholds as needed.

See Windows Event Log Monitor for more information on the available fields in the component monitor and how they are used.


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