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Log files are taking up too much drive space or are too large



This article discusses some users may face that the Solarwinds Log files on your Orion server are too large or are taking up too much space on the hard drive which is causing the system to run low on drive space. 



  • SAM 6.0+
  • NPM 10.4+
  • NTA 3.10+



This can be caused by the following:

  • Debug logging is enabled
  • Log files are being stored for too long on the server.



Log into your SolarWinds Server

  • Open "LogAdjuster" (vol:\Program Files(x86)\Solarwinds\Orion\LogAdjuster.exe)
  • Down the bottom of the form that opens there is a 'reset to default'.
  • Click Apply. 
  • This will stop SolarWinds performing any debug logging and should be enough to stop your drive from filling up
  • You can reduce the values within LogAdjuster to match your own needs if you still require less logging but please note that when working with Support they will require Logs and Diagnostics which are based on these retention settings. 
  • If files are too old you can also decrease the number of files to keep parameter within Log adjuster also.






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