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License usage is not reduced after disabling AppInsight components

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This article explains why license usage is not reduced even after AppInsight components have been disabled.


All SAM versions


When using AppInsight for Exchange, for example, 50 component monitors will count against your licensed number of component monitors, per Exchange Server. If there is an active license for 1,500 component monitors and use AppInsight for Exchange to monitor 88 mailboxes over ten Exchange servers, 500 component monitors will count against your total license. The number of mailboxes you have on these servers is irrelevant.

(50 component monitors X 10 Exchange Servers = 500 component monitors used.)

This will leave you with 1,000 component monitors available for use elsewhere.

(1,500 component monitors – 500 component monitors used for AppInsight for Exchange = 1,000 component monitors remaining).

There is no restriction on the number of mailboxes you can have monitored. Also note that if you choose not to use this application, you will not be penalized any number of component monitors.

Important: The following illustrates a situation where there are 40 available component monitors available, but have surpassed your allowed number of 300 monitors by 60. The discrepancy is caused by AppInsight application implementations. AppInsight applications are licensed as 50 monitors per application and cannot be partially licensed, as is the case with typical applications.


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