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Windows Service Monitors that exist but are not running show as Down

Updated April 15th, 2016


An application monitor showing as DOWN when it finds the service in question, but it is disabled or not running.


SAM 6.2 or later


This is due to one of the following:

  • You are on a version previous to SAM 6.2.
  • You have set your Windows Service Monitor from Status When Process is Not Running to Down.


  1. Navigate to the application monitor in question.
  2. Select Edit application monitor.
  3. Expand the Windows service monitor you want to modify.
  4. Under the Status when process is not running, set this to one of two options:
    1. Down - Use this status when it is a problem for this process to be Not Running.
    2. Not Running - This status is ignored when calculating the status of the application. Use this status when it is okay for this process to be Not Running.
Note: If you are running on a version earlier than SAM 6.2, the "Status when process is not running" option is not available. Upgrade to the latest version to get this functionality.
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