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Use a domain user to monitor AppInsight for SQL through an agent

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This article describes how to modify the SAM agent to use interactive authentication when monitoring AppInsight for SQL so that standard domain users (not admin users) can be used to monitor AppInsight for SQL. Before attempting these changes, verify the AppInsight for SQL Requirements and Permissions are set for the target server, especially requirement for “Log on as a batch job” policy for the account.


SAM version 6.2



First, before attempting any resolutions, verify the requirements and permissions for AppInsight for SQL. See this article AppInsight for SQL Requirements and Permissions, paying specific attention to the requirement for “Log on as a batch job” policy for the account.

Important: Verify the target domain account has the required SQL permissions. 


If the requirements and permissions do not connect the domain account properly, set the account permissions to Allow Logon Locally. For more information, see this Microsoft Technet article:

These instructions require modifying SAM agent package files.

  1. On the target system, set the domain user account permissions to Allow Logon Locally to allow the credentials to log on locally to the server being monitored.
  2. Open the Group Policy, select Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment and select the  Allow Logon Locally option.
  3. ​Back up the file APM_6.2.1.2395.apkg located in Orion\AgentManagement\Plugins in the SolarWinds install folder.
  4. Extract the contents of the APM_6.2.1.2395.apkg file (this file can be considered a zip archive for these actions).
  5. Open the file SolarWinds.APM.Probes.dll.config for editing.
  6. Change the setting 
    <SqlServerProbeSettings LocalLogonType="Batch" /> 
    <SqlServerProbeSettings LocalLogonType="Interactive" />
    This setting changes from batch mode to interactive mode.
  7. Rebuild the file APM_6.2.1.2395.apkg with this modified version of APM_6.2.1.2395.apkg. The file will be redistributed to all agents. 



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