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Third-party software required for Asset Inventory information in SAM

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Updated March 11, 2019

As described in Asset inventory and hardware health monitoring requirements in SAMSAM uses standard protocols such as SNMP and WMI to collect Asset Inventory data, but not all information is available natively from the OS without installing the hardware vendor's required agent software. For example, if the Windows OS cannot recognize the serial number of a machine, SAM cannot determine the machine's warranty status until the vendor updates its agent software to extend APIs to gather additional data.

The following hardware vendors provide agent software that you can download and install so that SAM can leverage to collect and display data:






After logging into the IBM website with a licensed account, you'll see two System x options. Click the Remote link to download an executable installer for manual deployment. Click the Manual link to download a package that can be deployed via the Agent Deployment wizard. Complete the signup process, if prompted. When the Downloads page appears, select IBM Systems Director 6.3.x Agents for Manual Deployment on System x.

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