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The SAM web interface exhibits slow performance


The SAM web interface exhibits slow performance.


All SAM versions


Examine the following situations to improve web interface performance:

Initial troubleshooting:


1, How many SAM component sare being monitored, each polling engine is designed to poll 10,00 components when

using the default polling frequency.

The following query when run on the Database manager will confirm the amount of components:


SELECT Count(cc.ApplicationID) [Component Count], e.EngineID, ae.ServerName, ae.ServerType
FROM [dbo].[APM_Component] cc
JOIN [APM_Applications] ap ON cc.ApplicationID = ap.ID
JOIN [Nodes] node ON ap.NodeID = node.NodeID
JOIN [Engines] e ON node.EngineID = e.EngineID
JOIN [AllEngines] ae ON ae.EngineID = e.EngineID
where isdisabled is null and ap.Unmanaged = 0
GROUP BY  e.EngineID, ae.ServerName, ae.ServerType
ORDER BY [Component Count] DESC


2, Adjust the Orion database recovery model to "simple.


3, Enable automatic index defragmentation. 

4, Identify potential antivirus configuration issues. Refer to What files and directories should I exclude from antivirus protection to optimize performance and to ensure adequate file access for Orion products?


5, Reduce Syslog Retention Settings. Refer to I am seeing a warning about the size of my Syslog table.


6, Review best Practices for Managing the Orion Platform Database. Refer to Best Practices for Managing the Orion Platform Database.

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