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Testing components fail to return with results on an Additional Poller

Updated June 20th, 2017


This article describes an issue about the Edit Application Monitor page wherein the test spins do not return a result. 


  • SAM 6.0+
  • Orion Platform 2012+
  • Additional Polling Engine



  • Missing Host Entry in DNS/Hosts File 
  • APM Business Layer conatins errors such as below - One Time Polling Job (Test Now) was failing

2016-12-22 03:31:11,398 [STP OneTimeJobResult Thread #0] ERROR SolarWinds.APM.BusinessLayer.JobResultProcessing.JobManagerBase`1 - Exception occurred when processing One time job (4334b165-a7b6-4fe1-b53e-3dcb52a5c82b) result from 12/21/2016 14:30:52

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 


  • APM BusinessLayer also filled with errors such as below which indicated communication issue with the Primary:

ERROR SolarWinds.APM.Common.APMBusinessLayerProxy - An error occurred when connecting to the communication channel



  1. Add the Missing Host Entry to Host File on the Additional Pollers or you can address the Entry on your DNS Server directly.
  2. Restart All Solarwinds Services once the Entry has been added to either of the above. 


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