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Set up Historical report for Components in a specific Application

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Created by Chris Foley, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jun 27, 2016

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This article provides steps to create a report with a Custom Graph for This Week, Last Week and Last Month.  Each graph will contain the values for all Components within a specific Application.


SAM 6.x or later



Part I- Add the Data Source for the Components in the specific Application:


1. Go to Settings > Manage Reports.
2. Click Create New Report.
3. Select Custom Chart and click Select and Continue.
4. Select Advanced Selector.
5. Set the I want to report on to Component.
6. Click Select field...
7. In the left-hand pane, click Application, select Name and click Add Column.
8. Set the Criteria to Name is equal to {Your Application Name}.
9. Set the Selection Name to Datasource for {Your Application Name} and click Add to layout.


Part II - Add the Chart for This Week:


10. Click Add Data Series.
11. Click Statistics History.
12. Select Average Statistic Data.
13. Click Add Data Series.
14. Click Submit.
15. Set the From field to This Week.


Part III - Add the Charts for Last Week and Last Month:


16. Click Duplicate twice.
17. Set From for second Chart to Last Week.
18. Set From for third Chart to Last Month.
19. Click Add and Next.


You should now have a report with 3 charts. Each having statistics for all Components in the Application. The first having data for this week, the second have data for last week and the third having data for last month.  Modify as necessary.




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