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Sending Alerts to a Custom Property

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Updated September 18th, 2017


This article describes how to send Smart alerts based on a custom property for that object.


SAM 6.2 and later


  1. In the SAM Web Console, navigate to Settings > Manage Custom Properties.
  2. Create a Node custom property. For example, Email.
  3. Assign nodes values for this Email property.
  4. Once this is set, use the following value in the Alert Actions for the E-Mail action you have configured:
  5. Replace email with the name of the custom property that you would like this to utilize.


The alert populates the email address with the custom property you have defined.

For more information on how to create a Custom Property click Here.


NOTE: The format of the Custom Property will change based on the type of Alert. The below presumes the Custom Property is set on the Node Level. If it doubt use the "Insert Variable" button

Node Alert: ${N=SwisEntity;}
Application Alert:  ${N=SwisEntity;}
Component Alert: ${N=SwisEntity;}

Volume Alert: ${N=SwisEntity;}



If the variable populates instead of the values for it then most likely it's a new value or newly added custom property.

To get new values/custom property to populate requires either a reboot of the main poller, restarting of solarwinds services, and may require clearing of publications and subscriptions per this article:

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