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SAM licensing FAQs

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This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about SAM licensing.


All SAM versions


How is SAM licensed? Technically, licensing is based on highest number of nodes, volumes, or component monitors, but in almost every case, the number of component monitors is the highest factor. Assuming that the number of component monitors is the highest factor, component monitors will count against your license once they become assigned.

What is a component monitor? The value returned by a component monitor is a measurement of application health and availability that needs to be monitored. It can be a process, a service, a performance counter, a port, a URL, a User Experience Monitor, and so on. An application typically consumes 15-25 component monitors. The following describes the monitor consumption per application:

  • AppInsight for SQL - 50 component monitors per database instance
  • AppInsight for Exchange - 50 component monitors per mailbox role server 
  • AppInsight for IIS - 30 component monitors per IIS server
  • Windows Scheduled Task Monitor - 5 component monitors per Windows server
  • Asset Inventory data collection Asset Inventory data collection does not count against your SAM component monitor license
  • Agents - Agent software is free and does not consume any licenses.

    AppInsight applications cannot be modified or partially licensed, as is the case with typical applications using individual component monitors.

    To view the available component monitors remaining in your license, log in to the SolarWinds Web Console with an administrator account. From the web console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > SAM License Summary.

    SolarWinds SAM licenses do not have to mirror the license count of any other installed SolarWinds product. For example, you can install SolarWinds SAM with a 150 component license on a SolarWinds NPM server with an unlimited node license.

The Apache template has eight available licensed component monitors. If you have an AL150 license and assign all eight component monitors in this template to a node, the balance of your remaining licenses is 142 (150-8 = 142). If only five of the eight component monitors are assigned to a node, the balance of your remaining licenses is 145 (150-5=145).


To view the number of licensed component monitors per template in SAM, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates.

In the illustration above, eight component monitors are available with the Apache template. However, none are being consumed because they are not assigned to a node, as noted in the Assigned To column.


Why Component Monitors, and not devices? Monitor-based pricing is flexible. Monitor-based pricing provides a good correlation of price to value.

Is it always on component monitors? Technically, it is based on highest number of Nodes, Volumes, and Component Monitors (refer to NPM licensing for Node & Volume definition), but in almost every case, Component Monitors is the highest factor. There may be some instances where Volumes or Nodes would be the highest factor.

What are the available license tiers?

Available licenses are designated by the number after "AL" in your licensed plan. 

Example: AL150 allows for up to 150 component monitors, nodes, or volumes, whichever is higher. (In almost all cases, component monitors will be the highest factor.)

  • AL150 
  • AL300
  • AL700
  • AL1100
  • AL1500
  • AL2500 
  • ALX (Unlimited.)

If nodes are greater in number than component monitors, the license will cover CPU, memory, hardware health, topology, and Asset Inventory. Hardware health, CPU, and memory is included with a node license.

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