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SAM component monitors

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October 08, 2018

In SolarWinds SAM, an application template is a collection of component monitors designed to monitor a server or application. Each component monitor returns the current status or value of a monitored service or process. By combining multiple component monitors into templates and then assigning templates to a node, you can monitor the status and performance of different aspects of the node and the applications it hosts.

You can use out-of-the-box templates included with SAM, or create custom templates using only the component monitors you need for a specific environment.

Helpful resources about templates and component monitors include:

Available component monitors are listed here. See SAM Component Monitor Types to learn about individual monitors.

  • DHCP User Experience Monitor
  • Directory Size Monitor
  • DNS Monitor - TCP
  • DNS Monitor - UDP
  • DNS User Experience Monitor
  • Download Speed Monitor
  • Exchange Web Services User Experience Monitor
  • File Age Monitor
  • File Change Monitor
  • File Count Monitor
  • File Existence Monitor
  • File Size Monitor
  • FTP Monitor
  • FTP User Experience Monitor
  • HTTP Form Login Monitor
  • HTTP Monitor
  • HTTPS Monitor
  • IMAP4 Monitor
  • IMAP4 User Experience Monitor
  • JMX Monitor
  • LDAP User Experience Monitor
  • Linux/Unix Script Monitor
  • MAPI User Experience Monitor
  • Nagios Script Monitor
  • NNTP Monitor
  • ODBC User Experience Monitor
  • Oracle User Experience Monitor
  • Performance Counter Monitor
  • POP3 Monitor
  • POP3 User Experience Monitor
  • Process Monitor
  • Process Monitor for Windows
  • RADIUS User Experience Monitor
  • Service Status – SNMP
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor
  • SMTP MonitorSNMP Monitor
  • SOAP Component Monitor
  • SQL Server User Experience Monitor
  • TACACS+ User Experience Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor
  • Tomcat Server Monitor
  • VMware Performance Counter Monitor
  • Web Link Monitor
  • Windows Event Log Monitor
  • Windows PowerShell Monitor
  • Windows Script Monitor
  • Windows Service Monitor
  • WMI Monitor



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