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Process Monitoring on AS/400 produces error in SAM

Updated December 19, 2018


You can browse and select processes for AS/400 monitoring but actual polling results in an SNMP monitor error: No process info found.


All SAM versions


This is a known issue with this particular device. To poll processes effectively, SAM needs to know how much CPU & Memory the process is consuming. This is part of the standard HOST-RESOURCES MIB.

IBM has a watered-down SNMP agent on the AS/400 provides limited information via SNMP. SAM can see the list of processes, but when trying to poll, critical pieces of information are missing.


There are a few vendors with custom SNMP agents you can install to replace the built in SNMP agent with a more complete one. For example, you can purchase a third-party agent from Comtek. See (© 2018 COMTEK Services, LLC., obtained from on December 19, 2018.)

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