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Report for component licenses by SAM

Updated January 18, 2019


You will need to be aware of the below license counts that does not take into account the number of components assigned:

- AppInsight IIS uses 30 component licenses

- AppInsight SQL/Exchange uses 50 component licenses

- Windows Task Scheduler uses 5 component licenses


- Unmanaging an Application will stop Polling it, but will not free up licenses

- Disabling Components will free up licenses


All SAM versions



SAM License Usage by Node:
SELECT r.NodeID, r.[Node Name], r.[Application Name], r.Template AS [Template Name],
CASE WHEN r.Template = 'Windows Scheduled Tasks' then 5
WHEN r.Template LIKE 'AppInsight for IIS' then 30
WHEN r.Template LIKE 'AppInsight for%' then 50
ELSE count (r.[ComponentID])
END AS [Licenses Used]

SELECT ac.ApplicationID, ac.ID AS [ComponentID], n.Caption AS [Node Name], aa.NodeID, aa.Name AS [Application Name], aat.Name [Template], ac.Name AS [Component Name],
CASE WHEN ac.IsDisabled IS NULL THEN act.IsDisabled
ELSE ac.IsDisabled
END [IsDisabled]
FROM APM_Component AS ac
JOIN APM_Application AS aa ON aa.ID = ac.ApplicationID
JOIN Nodes AS n ON n.NodeID = aa.NodeID
JOIN APM_ComponentTemplate AS act ON ac.TemplateID = act.ID
JOIN APM_ApplicationTemplate AS aat ON aa.TemplateID = aat.ID
) r
WHERE r.IsDisabled = 0
GROUP BY r.Template, r.[Node Name], r.[Application Name], r.NodeID

Sample output:



It matches the Web Console:

"Managed Assigned Application"





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