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Pull individual numeric values from a multi-value script


You want to pull individual numeric values from a multi-value script.


All SAM versions


The following function works for numeric data:

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[apm_Custom_GetMultiValueCurrentnumericdata] (
       @ComponentID int,
       @RowNumber int
 RETURNS nvarchar(max)
       DECLARE @result nvarchar(max)
       SELECT @result = Temp.NumericData FROM
             SELECT RANK() OVER (ORDER BY DynEvDef.ID) AS Row, DynEvData.NumericData
             FROM dbo.APM_DynamicEvidence_DetailData AS DynEvData
             INNER JOIN dbo.APM_CurrentComponentStatus AS CCS
                 ON CCS.ComponentStatusID = DynEvData.ComponentStatusID
             INNER JOIN dbo.APM_DynamicEvidenceColumnSchema AS DynEvDef
                 ON DynEvDef.ID = DynEvData.ColumnSchemaID
             WHERE DynEvDef.[Type] = 1 AND CCS.ComponentID = @ComponentID
       ) Temp
       WHERE Temp.Row = @RowNumber
       RETURN @result

At this point, you can use the following inline SQL macro in the Alert Manager to get the first value

${SQL:select dbo.apm_Custom_GetMultiValueCurrentnumericdata(${ComponentId}, 1)}



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