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Outdated WebLogic Client Library in SAM

Updated December 19, 2017


This article details and provides steps to resolve an issue where a user is unable to maintain a stable connection to the WebLogic client library servers.


  • SAM 6.5 and later


SAM applies aJMX Client used in WebLogic Server version 10.3.4. When using WebLogic JMX versions newer than 10.3, monitoring may not functioning as expected. For these cases, it is recommended that you upgrade the JMX Client wljmxclient.jar on the Orion main poller. 


When using WebLogic versions 10.3 and earlier, monitoring may not function properly due to incompatibility with wljmxclient.jar in the Orion main poller. For these cases, following the recommended resolution below for your operating system.



  • Linux users: switch your polling to be Linux Agent based.
  • Windows users: use additional pollers and manually upgrade the wljmxclient.jar and wlclient.jar files on the main poller. The default folder for these WebLogic server files is WL_HOME/server/lib directory. Files will need to be reconfigured after each upgrade to the poller.


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