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Monitor an application process launched from a specific path

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This article provides information on monitoring an application process launched from a specific path.


All SAM versions


For example:

Imagine your organization uses an application that runs multiple instances of the same executable file for specific data needs. You can filter and select which instances of a process you want to monitor, based on the command line arguments of the process.


For Example:

There are several Svchost.exe and you would like to monitor the process with LocalServiceNoNetwork

Command Line - Memory Usage.png


You can use the "Command Line" filter to get information about the concrete instance(s). Check the command line using Task Manager (it is hidden by default) and if the command line contains the full path, you can use it as a filter.


Once you know the command line for the process, you can set up a Process Monitor (WMI) and SolarWinds SAM will display each process ID (PID) in the dashboard with the filter. 





After the filter has been applied, the component details will only display the information of the process.

Component Details.png


NOTE: Filtering only works for WMI fetching method and not via RPC


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