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Miscellaneous SAM script components

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Updated: November 11, 2017


This article lists the miscellaneous SAM script components. See Scripting custom component monitors for reference. 


  • SAM 6.0 and later


  • ${IP}
  • ${USER}
  • ${creds}
  • ${PORT}
  • ${Node.SysName}
  • ${Node.Caption}
  • ${Node.DNS}
  • ${Node.ID}
  • ${Component.ID}
  • ${Component.Name}
  • ${Application.Id}
  • ${Application.Name}
  • ${Application.TemplateId
  • ${Threshold.Warning}
  • ${Threshold.Critical}
  • ${Node.Custom.CustomPropertyName}
  • ${Application.Custom.CustomPropertyName}

Add the following macros as the script argument and use the argument in the script body.

Script arguments:    ${Node.Caption}

Script Body:             $ServerName =  $args[0]



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