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Microsoft Office 365 template troubleshooting

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Updated March 15, 2019


As described in the Microsoft Office 365 templates overview, SAM includes out-of-the-box application templates that you can use to gather metrics for your Office 365 subscription services. 

Here are some troubleshooting tips for using Office 365 templates: 

  • Make sure you have appropriate account credentials. The templates rely on Windows PowerShell scripts that require an Office 365 account with global admin privileges that belongs to an Office 365 admin role. See Microsoft Office 365 template requirements. See also Use PowerShell in SAM.
  • Check your Office 365 credential format. Use UPN format — username@domain, not domain\username format. 
  • Verify installed components. See Microsoft Office 365 template requirements.
  • Use an Office 365 service account. A service account for Exchange Web Services is recommended to avoid issues with authentication when passwords change.
  • If nodes stop responding, check the node configuration. If you configure a node to use ICMP and enable the Dynamic IP Address option, SAM can ping the node to report if it is up or down, then adjust automatically if the IP address changes. See What type of polling method should I use for Office 365 nodes? for details
  • Reduce throttling. Try setting the frequency to 1200 (20 minutes) rather than the default of 300 (5 minutes). To learn more, see Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online (© 2018 Microsoft Corp., available at, obtained on June 12, 2018). The article is about SharePoint but the concept is the same for Office 365.
  • Verify template settings. Office 365 polling jobs only run on the x64 architecture platform. To check settings, navigate to the Manage Templates page, select a template, click Edit, and click Advanced.


  • If templates do not return data, ensure a value is defined for the maximum number of mailboxes — the default setting is 5000. If you receive a System.OutOfMemoryException, the total memory on the system may exceed the allowable size for ICMP or SNMP; try changing the polling method on the node to an agentless method, such as WMI. Also, make sure you're running PowerShell scripts locally on the Orion server to avoid winRM issues for remote locations. 


For additional details about Office 365 templates, see:

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