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Lenovo Storage S3200 overall hardware status has state unknown

Updated: Octorber 21, 2016


This article describes the issue when adding a Lenovo Storage S3200 device into Server and Application Monitor and can see hardware health sensors available to be selected when listing resources against the node.


  • SAM version 6.X




Lenovo seem to use Compaq MIB on some specific devices and it's incorrectly listing this as HP.


  1. SAM would not support hardware health for such devices.

    See: Asset inventory and hardware health monitoring requirements in SAM

  2. Run SNMPWalk and if you find these OIDS, they are from HP Compaq MIB CPQSINFO-MIB:

    Serial number

    . = STRING: "11S00ZF067Y010DF58R0RX"

    Product number
    . = STRING: "6832FC6"

    Product model
    . = STRING: "Lenovo S3200"

    This information can be found online by searching each OID, you will see they refer back to the Compaq MIB.

  3. Do not enable the listed HWH sensors as it will not poll anything without the supported list mentioned in the KB.




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