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Invalid Exchange certificate assigned to website


Invalid Exchange certificate assigned to website.


All SAM versions


  1. ​Open IIS Manager.
  2. Navigate to the 'Default Web Site' and open the 'Bindings' window
    1. Select HTTPS and click 'Edit' button.
    2. Click 'View' button to determine which certificate is assigned.
      1. Verify issued date & expiration date.
      2. Verify thumbprint & friendly name.

Open an empty MMC

  1. Add the Certificates snap-in.
    1. Select Computer account.
    2. Select Local Computer.
  2. Expand the Personal store and select the Certificates folder.
    1. Find an Exchange certificate (self-signed or CA issued) which is valid (not expired).
    2. Verify thumbprint & friendly name (if friendly name exists).
  3. In the Bindings window for the 'Default Web Site" in IIS Manager, select the valid certificate for the HTTPS binding.



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