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High CPU and Memory utilization related to svchost.exe (RPC)

Created by Michael Perez, last modified by Mark ODriscoll on Dec 12, 2018

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This article describes how to resolve the issue that occurs when you encounter high CPU and Memory utilization related to the svchost.exe (RPC).


To determine whether the steps below are related to your issue, check Task Manager to see if svchost.exe (RPC service) is consuming a large amount of memory.  


All versions of SAM


This issue occurs because a large volume of devices monitored via WMI fail to authenticate or respond. This is common in environments monitoring workstations that are shut down during non-business hours.  



  1. Use the Unmanage Scheduling Utility to unmanage devices that will routinely go offline:
  2. Monitor the devices using SNMP instead of WMI. When changing the polling method from WMI to SNMP, some historical data will be lost for devices where the change was made.  


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