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File Count Monitor is incorrect

Updated November 29, 2017


The SAM file count monitor counts more files than what displays in File Explorer.


  • All SAM versions


File Explorer may be hiding the files. 


Configure File Explorer to display all hidden files.

View the number of files in the folder

  1. Log in to the server hosting SAM.
  2. Open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Personalization.
  3. Click Folder Options.
  4. Click the View tab and select show hidden files, folder, and drives.
  5. De-selct Hide protected Operating System files (Recommended), and click Apply.
  6. Open the fold and ensure the files display.

List the file names that the file monitor is counting

Perform the following wbemtest query. This query includes all files in all subdirectories. 

select Name, Path, Drive from CIM_DataFile WHERE Drive = 'C:' and path like '\\ProgramData\\Solarwinds\\Agent\\%'

List the files (and not directories) under a specific directory 

Perform the following query:

select Name, Path, Drive from CIM_DataFile WHERE Drive = 'C:' and path like '\\ProgramData\\Solarwinds\\Agent\\'




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