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Error When Upgrading SAM 6.4 on Additional Web Servers




The Web Console version of SAM 6.4 cannot be installed on additional web servers because the following key is set to WEBONLY instead of WEB CONSOLE


The following message may appear:

Invalid Orion Core Configuration value. The registry value at HKLM\SOFTWARE\SolarWinds\Orion\Core\Configuration is not valid. \


  • Additional web server that has both SAM and NTA


Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) 4.2 changes registry keys are not recognized during SAM installation on additional web servers.


  1. Uninstall all Solarwinds products from the additional web server.
  2. Change the following registry entry to WEB CONSOLE:
  1. Install the SAM 6.4 Web Only piece.
  2. Install the remaining Web Only pieces.


Warning - SolarWinds strongly recommends that you only make registry changes per our instructions. Follow the instructions exactly and make the required changes in all registry locations specified. Failure to follow these instructions can introduce errors into the application or, in some situations, cause operating system issues.



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