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Disable monitoring for components of AppInsight applications (SAM)

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Last Updated: August 20, 2018


This article describes how to disable the monitoring of a component in AppInsight for SQL, AppInsight for Exchange, and AppInsight for IIS in SolarWinds SAM by editing the related application monitor.

Note the following details about disabling monitoring for components: 

  • Depending on how SAM is configured in your environment, you may require Administrator access to disable component monitoring.
  • Only a selected subset of components can be disabled for AppInsight applications.


  • SAM 6.6.x


To disable monitoring for an application component:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click My Dashboards > Applications > SAM Summary.
  2. In the All Applications resource on the Application Summary page, expand an AppInsight application to display instances of the application on nodes.
  3. Click a Microsoft Exchange instance to open its summary page. The Application Details resource/widget displays components currently being monitored. (If the Application Details resource does not appear, you can add it to the page.)
  4. Click Edit Application Monitor.
  5. In the list of Component Monitors, expand the details for the component as shown in the screenshot below.
  6. Next to the Enable Component option, click Override Template.
  7. Select Disabled in the Enable Component field.
  8. Collapse the component details and click Submit at the bottom of the page.




It is important to note AppInsight Applications cannot be customized in the same way as traditional application templates is that unlike templates with individual component monitors, AppInsight applications have been ground-up purpose-built to be as efficient as possible. This means that in many cases a single query may return a multitude of different information. As such, it's not possible to disable just one or two components when the single query that's responsible for collecting this information is also collecting 10-20 other metrics as well.


As a result, it may not be possible to disable many components within the AppInsight applications 


As can be seen, these sample components do not have an option to be disabled.






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