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Determine the last logged on user

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Updated January 26, 2017


Assett inventory, when SAM is installed, attempts to find out the last user to log on to a given Windows node. In some cases, the information in Orion may seem wrong. This is an advice for making the initial determination as to whether Orion is getting the value presented by the Windows node, or if our value is incorrect for some reason.


  • All SAM versions
  • Any Windows node with WMI


SAM gets that value from the registry on the node; check the key/value below and compare it to the most recently polled value in Orion:

Key: HkeyLocalMachine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI

Value: LastLoggedOnUser




If the values match, contact Microsoft support or your local admin to see if they can determine why the incorrect value is being presented.

If it does not a match, contact Solarwinds Technical support for deeper troubleshooting.


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