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DELL Hardware Health Warning for Raid Controller in SolarWinds SAM

Updated: October 10, 2017


This article describes an issue that some users may face when polling Dell Servers for Hardware Health in SolarWinds SAM. The Hardware Status displays as Warning status in SAM even though no problem is found with the server after checking the system logs and on the array directly.



  • All Versions of SAM
  • Any Dell Server running Dell OpenManage


  • DellOpenManage is providing the incorrect status for hardware elements polled via SNMP.


In order to Poll the Array Status, the SAM polls the following OID provided by Dell OpenManage: ControllerRollUpStatus 

This OID is the combined status of the controller and its components.


OID Information:

controllerRollUpStatus -
This is the combined status of the controller and its components. 

Possible return values:  1: Other 2: Unknown 3: OK 4: Non-critical 5: Critical 6: Non-recoverable


To verify if this is the issue you are facing: 

1. Gather an SNMPWalk from the Dell Device. See How to Gather an SNMPWalk

2. Check the following OID against the captured Walk to see the status provided via SNMP for your Raid Controller. 



. = INTEGER: 4

4 = Non-Critical which matches the above screenshot. 


SolarWinds cannot correct this issue. The problem must be corrected in the device in order to correctly display the status of the RAID Controller.


  • Contact the vendor directly and explain to them you are receiving false warning messages when monitoring the device via SNMP. 
  • Provide them with the above information and they will be in a better situation to resolve the issue or provide a workaround.


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