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Custom Properties with values of NULL are not evaluated in Alerts

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Created by Riggs Clough, last modified by Laura C on Oct 05, 2017

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Updated October 5, 2017


This article provides information about configuring alerts that target custom properties and why they do not evaluate NULL custom property values.  When objects are discovered through the node discovery process, the custom property fields are NULL, until a value is set for them.


All versions of Orion products



You need to verify that every node has a value assigned to the Custom Property in question. If a value is left NULL, the alert does not evaluate it as part of the condition.


For example, if you set an alert to have the following custom property condition:

Node - ServerGroup - is not equal to - "production"

  • This would trigger on a custom property value for ServerGroup of "dev"

  • This would not trigger on a custom property value that is left as a NULL value


The workaround is to add another Condition for "Node {custom property} is empty".


More information on this workaround is found in the following article:





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