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Create an Application Availability report with status

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Created by Michael Osborn, last modified by Steven Bansil_ret on Jun 29, 2016

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This article describes how to create a web-based report on a specific application, and shows the availability (or status) of the application along with the timestamps.


All versions of SAM



1. Create a new report.

2. Select Custom Table as the first bit of content to add:


3. Select Application from the drop down list for what you want to report on, then add a simple condition, for Name... is equal to... [Application Name]:



4. On the next screen (which should automatically pop up), add the following columns:

   Applications > Name

  Application Status History > Availability

  Application Status History > Timestamp



5. Under the Availability column, expand Advanced, and change the Add display settings to Status Icon:



6. You can now add your report title, and change the datasource from Past Hour to whatever time frame you wish:



7. You now have a report that shows the Status of an Application at each polled timestamp. You can adjust this report however you feel, adding additional applications, changing the grouping, filtering out 'Up' Statuses, and so forth.







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